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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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maddie riding her scooter around the courtyard around 5:00 last night. but according to police they haven't found anyone who saw her leave the area. >> we want to follow up on every single lead. >> reporter: police say there have been thousands of tips. the fbi has been brought in to aid in the investigation. which includes patrols on the ground, air and k-9 units. >> follow her scent from the tannery locations down through to the beach area. >> reporter: but that's where the trail went cold. the tannery backs up to the san lorenzo river. throughout the night, dozens of volunteers searched the wooded area calling her name and hoping for the best. >> i want to reach out to anyone who just might know that one thing. that's what we're praying for. >> reporter: this case is not being called a kidnapping because no one actually saw maddie be abducted. there are signs like this all over town dozens and hundreds of volunteers are putting in their time searching the wooded area and asking people
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throughout town have you seen maddie. reporting live in santa cruz michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> we wish them the best in this search. here's another look at madison middleton, 8 years old, 4 feet tall, 48 pounds last seen wearing a purple, knee-length dress with black leggings and a helmet. her long brown hair was pulled to the side in a braid. now to the east bay, and new video of a fast-moving brushfire that crews raced to put out this afternoon. it started around 2:00 p.m. near bailey road and pittsburg. fire crews say the fire was sparked by an off-road vehicle. flames nearly doubled in minutes. thankfully, firefighters were able to contain the fire to 37 acres with the help of water drops from helicopters. one person suffered minor injuries. weather not making anything comfortable for firefighters. take a live look at san jose. high temps, little wind mean poor air quality.
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rob mayeda we're talking about triple digits. >> tomorrow the spare the air alert will last through thursday. not much change in temperatures. right now 73 in san francisco. and you saw the brushfire there near pittsburg, one of the hottest spots at 97 degrees. 87 in dublin. towards sunol, breezy at times at 89. south bay, south of downtown san jose, numbers in the upper 90s, and even downtown fairly warm at 84 degrees. so the issue here the humidity levels in the teens. in the hills, and drought light conditions, hazy hot and high. little gusty at times in the north bay hills, which will increase fire danger as temperatures tomorrow increase by another 5 to 8 degrees. we'll have a look at which neighborhoods will see 100-degree temperatures in your full forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks rob. so the heat is rising but flames diminishing.
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the lowell fire north of lake tahoe has been downgraded to 1500 acres from 4,000 acres. tonight it's 20% contained. yesterday, four firefighters were rushed to the hospital with burns. one still being treated. this fire is west of al at that. 2,000 structures remain threatened. progress in napa county. the rag fire 70% contained. the campgrounds remain closed. so far, about 6600 acres have burned. more than 1,000 firefighters have been called in to duty. we're tracking fires and our hot weather on our free nbc bay area app. you can get temperatures specific to your neighborhood. new at 5:00 out of control. that's how cops in san jose are describing a surge in crime. just this past weekend alone, officers investigated a murder, two attempted murders and rapes.
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damian trujillo is live at headquarters with more. and a busy weekend, damian. >> reporter: yes. officers say they were a bit overwhelmed over the weekend. it started with that late afternoon homicide on friday and it was nonstop from there. detectives are still looking for the killers who took the life of a 55-year-old man near capital expressway and king road on friday afternoon. that was followed by another homicide the next day in another mobile home park. in fact all weekend long it was major call after major call. >> it was a very busy weekend for us. >> reporter: overwhelmed, is how some officers described it. but even undermanned and taxed. the assistant chief says officers answered the calls, over and over. >> we had over 24 contacts made 9 arrests, recovered one gun, two knives. most of those are gang-related incidents. >> reporter: among those cases, one suspect in a carjacking case in evergreens fowler park.
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>> i think that's crazy. like, i thought this was a very safe neighborhood. i grew up in this area. >> reporter: crime usually peaks during summer months. beat cops tell me criminals are also feeling emboldened by the low staff levels something the command staff says it continues to work on. >> we just keep fighting for them. we've gotten some things done and we need to work on wages and get that set. and we're going to become the premier department we once were. >> reporter: and police are still looking for suspects in the two separate homicides, 14 and 15 for the year that happened over the weekend. live in san jose i'm damian trujillo. >> thank you. a big police presence in berkeley today after a robbery. investigators say an armed man robbed the wash & shop laundromat on sacramento street. neighbors were asked to stay inside as police huntsed for a suspect. they did not find the suspect. he's described as dark-skinned 5'11" under 30 years old with
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facial hair and silver teeth. he was last seen wearing a gray long-sleeved sweatshirt. the search for a missing san francisco teacher entered its 11th day today. this is the teacher, ed cavanaugh. he was last seen friday july 17th when he went on a dirt bike ride west of lake tahoe. he was staying at his cabin north of placerville in the el dorado national forest. dozens of search and rescue volunteers spent the weekend looking for him but did not find any trace of him. today search dogs joined the effort. cavanaugh worked at downtown continuing he had elevation high school where he taught wilderness skills. friends and family are especially concerned because he is diabetic and doesn't have his medication. new at 5:00 a shakeup with the olympics. the u.s. olympic committee announcing today that boston is out of the running to host the 2024 summer games. insiders say this is an embarrassment for the usoc. so the question now, what does this mean for san francisco? earlier this year the usoc picked boston over san
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francisco, l.a. and washington, d.c. as the u.s. cities to compete for the 2024 games. but today boston's mayor said he would not sign the bid contract which has taxpayers there in massachusetts responsible for the cost overruns. >> i refuse to mortgage the city away. i refuse to put boston on the hook for overruns and to commit to signing a guarantee that uses taxpayers' dollars to pay for the olympics. >> the usoc says this was a joint decision. as for san francisco, a source within the bay area bid committee tells us quote, it's too late for us to put forth a winnable bid with only six weeks until the ioc deadline. l.a. could be a viable option. now if a u.s. city is picked it will go against international cities, including rome paris and budapest. for months opponents of the warriors' new arena have warned it would create a traffic mess around the newest hospital. the proposed site is right
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across the hospital in the city's mission bay neighborhood. nbc bay area's mark matthews is there with a dramatic change of heart coming from ucsf today. mark. >> reporter: opponents of the warriors warriors' arena have said all along, it would be a terrible thing for the hospital which is right across the street. well today hospital administrators said no no we're fine with it. with one important catch. at a news conference this morning, ucsf welcomed the warriors' arena with one condition. the university wants a guarantee that if all the traffic measures fail then the city and traffic officials would have the power to reschedule overlapping events. >> let's schedule it so you're not having say madonna here at the same time that the giants are playing the dodgers. >> reporter: transportation officials say they are working to make sure that traffic measures do not fail. >> we figured out the labor we need and the parking control
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officers and we got that detail figured out. >> reporter: but just last friday as mindy magnusson was rushing her daughter ryan to the hospital with a fever, complicated by ryan's chemotherapy, traffic was an issue. >> we just happened to hit at&t park right when the game was ending. and i sat -- it took me from there, which is a mile away over half an hour to get here. and it's scary. because i'm taking her temperature as i'm sitting in traffic. >> reporter: magnusson says if the traffic can be sorted out, she would love to have the warriors in mission bay. but opponents, who have long insisted it would be terrible for the hospital say ucsf's come support isn't going to stop them. >> we're going to fight the warriors' proposal until hell freezes over and then we'll fight them on the ice. >> reporter: opponents say they want this land for biosciences and research and they will take it to the ballot or they'll take legal action if necessary. we know the warriors can win on the court.
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we may be watching them in court before this is over. reporting from the site of the new warriors' arena, perhaps, mark matthews nbc bay area news. >> now to the business of basketball. a trade that was agreed to to a few weeks ago is now official. today the warriors set forward david lee to the boston celtics for gerald wallace. lee, who played five seasons for gold en state and made the 2013 all-star team saw his role diminish during the team's championship season. they may be called fast lanes, but lately carpool lanes are not doing their job. i'm live in fremont. i'll have details, coming up in a live report. also the city says they're a fire hazard but some neighbors disagree. now there is a new tactic to protect thousands of trees at a local community. plus -- >> i'm marianne favro live in los al toes where more than 800 people have been told don't drink your tap water.
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it may be contaminated with e. coal low. then at 6:00 fame and fortune in science and technology. now a dark side. why some of the world's most brilliant minds feel humans need protection from killer robots. that's new at 6:00.
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beware of the water. about 800 homes and businesses in los al toes are being told to
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boil tap water before drinking it. marianne favro is live with what may have caused this problem, and why some wish the warning would have come sooner. marianne. >> reporter: janelle, it all started here last friday when crews were working to repair a broken water main. and water officials say they did some subsequent water testing. now, they say there are three reasons why they likely detected e-coli. one, it was a false positive test. the other reason is perhaps the new water main may not have been decontaminated well enough. the third reason is dirt may have gotten into the waterline when the water pressure dropped. eve farington encourages her kids to drink water on hot summer days. what's different today is instead of getting it from the tap, she's pouring it from bottles. that's because last night employees with the california water service came to their home to let the family know their tap water may be contaminated with
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e-coli a harmful bacteria that can cause symptoms including diarrhea cramps and headaches. >> we notified about 850 customers that the water should be boiled before it can be consumed. >> reporter: eve believes the warning came too late for her 8-year-old son tyler. >> my stomach was just lurching. >> i was very concerned. my son was sick the night prior to finding out about it. so -- i think that he probably was sick due to the e-coli. so he vomited and was very sick. >> reporter: the water service company first detected the e-coli when testing the water after repairing a broken main friday. 8 855 losality al toes commerce may be affected. it may be wednesday before families will know if their tap water is once again safe to drink. i talked with several residents who were upset about the way the
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water company handled this issue. they say that they didn't even know about it. some even had to learn about it from a co-worker. and i just talked to a woman ten minutes ago who said she still hasn't heard from the water company. reporting live marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> frustrating for the people there. thank you, marianne. a fight to save some local trees is going online and getting some out of state attention. homeowners in the oakland hills gathered earlier this month to protest the planned cutting of thousands of nonnative trees. a lot of eucalyptus trees, as well. they're taking the fight online. 53,000 people have signed the petition demanding oakland abandon the plan. the vast majority of the people who have signed are from out of state. the city says thinning the trees would reduce fire danger. residents say killing healthy trees would increase the risk. let's take you to the peninsula now. live look at the evening commute on 101 in palo alto. always a hot spot for traffic.
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a new federal study found more than half the bay area's carpool lanes are congested. so what's the plan now? not just 101, but also 880. nbc bay area's kim municipal in that casa is in fremont with details. >> reporter: not what area drivers want to hear. there's always traffic in the bay area but not like this. or even carpool lanes are even running slow. according to a federal study, of the 400 miles of so-called fast lanes, more than half aren't meeting the federal requirement for keeping traffic moving. traffic flow should be 45 miles per hour 90% of the time. rules caltrans officials say aren't realistic here especially once accidents are added in. >> we have incidents in the bay area as many as five to ten incidents sometimes for a day that could easily impact the hov lane operation. so to say that we are failing
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our hov lanes are failing the federal standard is a bit of a overstatement. >> reporter: the heavy traffic is being blamed on a booming economy. critics of the bay area's carpool system say there are too many inconsistencies with how the lanes operate. there are possible solutions being looked at to help ease congestion, but they won't be implemented any time soon. >> enforcement is one. thinking about the carpool hours is something, thinking about occupancy is a third. and finally, connect the system together in what we call express lanes that allow sing occupancy drivers to buy their way in. >> reporter: drivers will get relief along interstate 580 year the 680 interchange. they are going to add an express lane and additional carpool lane eastbound, and the westbound carpool lane they are scheduled to open in the fall. reporting live in fremont, kimmion in that casa nbc bay
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area news. >> business is booming. just wait until school gets back in session and traffic gets more congested. >> exactly. you can see lots of sunshine. she's in short sleeves. it's hot outside still. >> it is. and traffic will head over to highway 17 and out to the coast to avoid temperatures you're seeing inland right now. still near 90 degrees in sunol. you see the dry hill sites there. downtown, san jose closer to downtown and the airport, 84 degrees. as we head into south san jose, you're still seeing temperatures in the mid 90s now. 75 in oakland with the clear skies. no fog in san francisco. the sea breeze is trying to come back, but still very warm outside. 73 in san francisco. and for the game tonight, brewers versus giants right here on nbc bay area it will be a warm start to the game. temperatures near 70 around first pitch time and then slowly dropping into the mid 60s as winds, which right now are somewhat onshore, and will change direction like we saw today, during briefly off shore. and when that happens, the air literally warms up as it is
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forced to lower elevations. temperatures rise. and you'll see that even after the coastline tomorrow where places like santa cruz have a chance of getting into the upper 80s tomorrow and around ocean beach, likely seeing numbers in the upper 70s. so the trend from now through thursday 80s around san francisco, 90s around san jose. 100 degrees around the tri valley and south of downtown you'll see hot temperatures here as we approach wednesday. so for the morning, 60s to start. the hilltop locations could have temperatures in the 70s tomorrow morning. and then look at that by lunch time livermore already in the 90s. san francisco, 76 degrees. 85 in san jose. so the high temperatures we saw today, very likely will pass those around noon tomorrow. mid to upper 90s from san jose south. you can see san francisco upper 70s to mid 80s. palo alto to 9 2. in the north bay, numbers in the mid to upper 90s around santa rosa and san rafael. livermore, highs generally from 100 to 103 degrees for tomorrow.
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now notice the trend here. next three days the heat will linger probably through about thursday in the south bay. so near triple digits through wednesday, mid 90s on thursday. then more clouds come in. san francisco also seeing cooling, too. as we head towards the second half of the week north bay and tri valley still near 100 degrees until thursday. and then things turn more interesting. temperatures come down but the humidity is going to sky rocket. especially across southern california as we see the pattern of evolve into one that we have seen a couple times already this summer. more moisture out of the desert southwest will bring clouds and possibly a chance of showers. the best timing of this will come maybe late friday into saturday. the best projections for showers later this week. southern california and the sierra. so stay tuned as we head into the weekend. if you have any outdoor plans, may see a stray shower or two early on saturday. but at least the heat has moved on. unfortunately, once the humidity moves in thursday it will stick around through next weekend.
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back to you. >> thanks rob. just ahead, civil rights activists call it a big step forward for the boy scouts. the major policy change the organization announced just in the last hour. also -- >> no one could have predicted the freakish set of events that occurred. another bizarre twist in a local case. the jury problems complicating the sentencing of a convicted cop killer. another bizarre twist in a
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vallejo police are still trying to figure out who shot and killed the driver of this black acura. vallejo police are still trying to determine who shot and killed the of this black acura. this happened around 9:00 last night at oakwood and redwood parkway. after the driver was shot he lost control and struck three unoccupied cars before coming to a stop. you see the violent ending here. the driver died shortly after. investigators are not releasing his name at this point. call vallejo police if you have any information regarding this shooting. just days after a jury convicted a fairfield man of murdering vallejo police officer jim capoot in 2011 the same jury is supposed to decide whether the death penalty should be handed down on smith jr. this morning, two jurors reminded the judge they're
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planning to go out of town. one of the jurors is moving out of state later this week. and the court has already seated all the alternates in this case. the judge says he will decide tomorrow whether to let the penalty phase proceed or if he'll declare a mistrial. it's a slow road to recovery. we have an update now on several survivors of last month's balcony collapse in berkeley. four of the seven survivors of the collapse have now been moved to a special unit at the santa clara valley medical center. they're working with doctors and specialists at the brain injury and spinal cord center. in a statement released today, the survivors' families praised the staff and they say the children's victories are tiny, including sitting up and breathing on their own. we quote from the release. we obviously share everyone's wish for speedy recoveries but we have found every new week brings more complexity and the road to recovery is far from straight, even in the best of clinical environments. looking for leaders,
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regardless of sexual orientation. within the past 45 minutes, the boy scouts of america announced a major policy change. the group's executive board has approved a resolution to allow gay troop leaders. the resolution's approval comes two years after the decision to allow openly gay boy scouts. civil rights activists are calling it a big step forward for the organization. however, the move does come with an exception religious chartered groups will still be allowed to choose their leaders, quote, whose beliefs are consistent with their own. still ahead, not just the apple store. a new retailer is about to start carrying the apple watch. stay with us. k this out. with xfinity home we get 24/7 professional monitoring and video monitoring we can watch on our own tv. that's way better than our old security system. [metal clanking] [chip crunching]
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red hot giants. this is a how about this. red hot weather, red hot giants. this is a live look at at&t park from our ballpark cam. giants coming off their weekend sweep of the a's, and tonight the brewers are in town and the game right here on nbc bay area. almost looks like there is rain on our lens there. we need to clean that lens. >> programming notes for you. "american ninja warrior" at 8:00. you can also watch "running wild with bear grylls" on nbc bay area followed by our newscast. apple is relaxing the exclusivity on its smart watch, allowing best buy to sell it. best buy will sell on its website the first week of august. by the time the holiday shopping season rolls around a couple hundred more stores will be selling the watch. it will retail from $350 to 700
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bucks. >> none of us have the apple watch, do we? >> no. it's a little spendy. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. lester holt is next with "nbc nightly news." enage boys lost at sea off the florida coast. for the first time we see their capsized boat as the massive hunt to find them shifts gears. desperate families waiting for word. where they're looking now. danger on the road. one of the world's biggest auto makers ordered to buy back vehicles from customers because of the serious risks they pose. are you driving one of them? taking the blame for a deadly accident caught on camera. would you go to prison to protect your child? one family's shocking secret exposed. and it's the end of an era. tonight, where were you when luke and laura got married? a night to reminisce as a tv legend says good-bye. "nightly news" begins right now.


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